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    Many can happens in a period of 50 years.
    In this time Thomas produced a whole scale of models. Many organ players where enthousiastic.
    In all these years Thomas tryed to find improvements in the features so playing the organ should give more fun.
    Specialy for the starters the Color Glo system was invented.
    With that system finding the notes and the chords on the keyboard was much easier.

    The organ artist

    Lawrence Welke.

    ment a lot for the promotion of organ playing and specialy for Thomas.

    Many years he performed with his Thomas instrument on the T.V. stations in America.

    Thomas honourd him to give his name to one of the most favorite models.


    BOB RALSTON, Organist
    of the  US  "Lawrence Welk TV Show"


    1976 Symphony

    With more than 75 modellen in the past years Thomas created an important position in the music industry.
    From simpel "first step "models to advanced concert instruments.
    There is always a Thomas instrument that fits to you.
    The modern technology offers us a lot of improvements and features.
    First of all the sounds in a digital form and all the help you can find to playing your favorite music.
    In 1976
    the Symphony Royal is introduced. It was a model for those organ players who where waiting for something special. This populair model with the 2 x 5 oktaves keyboards and a 25 key pedalboard was a real topper in those years.


      1974 Troubadour


    Thomas was still searching for something special. Even in the 70 ies they had an idea how the the 21st century would like. . A special model was reveiled that shows there idea about the year 2001.
    2001 was also the name for this new instrument.

    For these years very exciting.

    The cabinet anno 1976 would be still appreciated now.





    A short piece of history, there is of coarse many more to write.

    But now we have to come back to our time. Not without the honour to the good people who started Thomas organs.

    We re-introduce one of the most populair models this year. The CALIFORNIAN will be reveiled in September this 2004.



    1971 - 1979


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