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                            Extended Version                 

    THOMAS, „back to the roots“

    The THOMAS "Paramount" wants to offer customers who simply want to play the best possible technology and comfort.

    A thick instruction manual and complicated selection menus, the game-enthusiastic musician will gladly miss.

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    Certified High Gloss Coatings

    High gloss varnishing is the high art of varnishing.

    After sealing and priming, the paint is applied in five coats,
    exact times for intermediate drying must be observed.

    In order to achieve our required quality, all layers must be sanded by hand, from the sealing to the last coat of lacquer. This means first of all sanding all parts with extra fine sanding papers of various grit sizes. Then the polishing takes place.

    By the use of different polishing pastes and polishing skins the gloss is produced and the surface is hardened in such a way that it is substantially more loadable than a conventional finish.

    This gives you the perfect high-gloss surface that you will enjoy for a long time.

    Of course, we only use certified PU (polyurethane) quality varnishes, which guarantee emission-free living areas.

    We will also be happy to deliver your instrument in your desired colour WITHOUT PRICE.

    LED Illumination for notestand, facia and basspedal

    The LED lighting for the music stand, the control panel and the bass pedal is of course available in the colours of your choice - and also WITHOUT surcharge.

    Compact-Flash-Card (CFC) technology !


     NEW! Luxury Handmade Bench

    Take a seat on the height-adjustable bench, which is  

     covered with genuine leather.
     The leather of the bench is hand-stitched.
     It offers a seating comfort that can only be achieved with

    NEW! The THOMAS Basspedal, contact free technology

    THOMAS has also made no compromises with the bass pedal.

    That's why it was developed by our engineers as a contactless pedal.
    There is no need to clean, adjust or replace the contacts, as no switches, springs or the like are moved, so that you are on the safe side when it comes to repairs or wear in the future.

       Aluminium rolling cover

    The Aluminium rolling cover from THOMAS is robust and
     elegant.   It protects the keyboards and control panels from
     dust and damage and completes the picture of the organ

    THOMAS Digital Drawbars & Preset System

    With the THOMAS Preset System you can create your own 36 registrations in no time at all.
    Furthermore we provide 36 OTB's (One Touch Band's/pre-registrations).
    The rotor gives the drawbars the right organ sound.
    With the reverb button you control the reverb and chorus effects.


    THOMAS CF-Card Drive

    The new storage media for your THOMAS Paramount.

    THOMAS Music System

    Load / Save your own created songs or new Styles to the THOMAS Music Systen.


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