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  • THOMAS "Paramount"

    our price                 9990.- Euro

    Heading the "Good Old Days" when life was easy.
    Perform your favourite piece of music in the most convenient way possible.

    Click here for specifications

    LED Illumination for notestand, facia and basspedal

    Compact-Flash-Card (CFC) technology !

       NEW! Luxury Handmade Bench
    NEW! The THOMAS Basspedal, contact free technology
       NEW! Superb Aluminium Rolltop Lid

    THOMAS Digital Drawbars & Preset System

    Create your own registrations very easily.
    Give the full rotor sound to the drawbars
    or control the reverb/ chorus effects.


    THOMAS CF-Card Drive

    The new storage media for your THOMAS Paramount.

    THOMAS Music System

    Load / Save your own created songs or new Styles to the THOMAS Music Systen.


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