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    History is a part of the Thomas legacy, so many changes and innovations in the Music Business, and Thomas gave the World, so many new features and innovations.  Players across the Globe joined the Thomas Organ Company for many years of outstanding features that placed it as one of the World's most advanced Organ Companies.  Stunning sounds and beautiful cabinets that reflected its unique position in the Globe, as a premiere music manufacturer, and above all, "music making" for all, without complex registrations, and set ups!  Thomas led the World, with new technology, and the "Colour Glo" keyboard lighting system heralded many new players who had always wanted to share in the gift of music.
    Thomas had a "sound for everyone" 

    The World Famous Conductor & American Celebrity

    Lawrence Welk

    For so many years the people of America enjoyed a TV Show that was a household name, and the music performed on the Lawrence Welk Show always featured a Thomas Organ as the featured Instrument.  Thomas was a star member of this very famous TV Show, and we salute Lawrence Welk for his outstanding committment to the Arts, and promoting music to the people of the USA.  Thomas was so delighted they named an Organ in his honour and to this day he is warmly adored by the people of America.




    BOB RALSTON, Organist
    of the  US  "Lawrence Welk TV Show"


    As the Principal Artist of the TV Show, Mr Bob Ralston became a Celebrity for his outstanding performances on the Thomas Organ and for many years he featured as the Organist who promoted the Arts and the world famous Thomas Organ.  These people amongst many more all contributed to a very wonderful Organ Company, whose excitement is felt by so many today, and yesterday. The Thomas Organ continues to be valued by many people across the Globe it is no wonder that Presidents - Politicians - Celebrities - all have a Thomas Organ sitting in their homes..






    1976 Symphony


    Thomas has created over 75 Models over the past 50 years period, and has created a unique position in the Music Business.   Starting with the "touch and play" models, to the very sophisicated Elite series, you can always choose what model suits your Home.


    We always value the past and hold cherished thoughts to past and Thomas salutes the Models that placed it on the World Map, and here are examples of these products and their contemporary digital products that have enhanced the range, and reflected a new Era of music making. 



    1974 Troubadour




    Here are the very images of the past, even in 1976 they reflected an outstanding and innovative design, which indeed would sit very nicely in today's contemporary society.   Pictured is the Thomas 2001.










    The 2009 range of Thomas Home Organs - Digital Pianos - Acoustic Pianos reflect the past successes, and salutes the future, as the concept of "music making" and a "sound for everyone" is the key to its history. Take your time to listen to their fine tones, and carefully crafted cabinets, all with you in mind..  You can trust the range of Thomas Pianos and Organs to fill your life with a unique sound and we promise to reward you with innovative features that will have you playing in no time.



    1971 - 1979




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